Weird TV 2000 - Voyage 1
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Weird TV 2000 - Voyage 1

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Weird TV 2000 - Voyage 1

The same sensibilities you enjoyed in WEIRD TV's syndicated late-night slot plus dynamic new comedy adventures! This show includes:

Weird America
Dr. Franklin Ruehl
Lazlo - World Wide Weird
Television Girl
UFOs and Aliens
Chip Copperchops
Portland UFO Museum
Night Club Psychics
Halloween antics
A White Witch
Strange Sky Beings
ET navigational Theories
Holy Bible Robots
Weird Pets
Hippo Hardware
baboon takeover
Doggie Buddha
Haunted Back Roads

Running time: 50 minutes

Televised Broadcasts:
MSN and Comcast broadcast the original 19 episodes in 2003 through 2004

Chuck Cirino, Jason Berlin, Cece Pleasants, Tim Walker, Rico Gagliano, Eric Trueheart

Webby Awards for best graphics and comedy

Title #296898
Format: DVD-R
Weird TV 2000 - Voyage 1
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