Zampogna: The Soul of Southern Italy

Zampogna: The Soul of Southern Italy

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Zampogna: The Soul of Southern Italy

Zampogna: The Soul of Southern Italy. A feature length documentary film about Southern Italian culture told through its indigenous folk music. The film focuses on how these traditions are dealing with the rapid changes in local economy and the homogenizing effect globalization has on local culture. Filmed by an Italian American rediscovering his family's roots, the film takes the viewer on an odyssey through remote regions in Sicily, Calabria, Campania and Molise introducing the people who carry on these ancient traditions that most Italian Americans are completely unaware of. The Zampogna - the Italian bagpipe is the physical manifestation of this culture, its music represents the spirit and vitality of the Southern Italian.

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"The DVD just arrived and wife Maria and I were absolutely mesmerized. I lie ....You touched my heart and soul my friend - you've captured on film everything I believe in & hold dear to my heart. I can never thank you enough."

"Well I just finished watching every second and was totally glued to it from beginning to end. It's one of THE best things I've ever watched. I've still to explore the scene segments and the Extras from the menu. The commentary all the way through is just brilliant, and David your tone and rate of talking is just perfect. Nice and slow and thoughtful.

The countryside, the lifestyle, the PEOPLE, the sewing machine sitting in the background, the eating, knitting,the impromptu singing and playing, goats grazing, being milked--all awesome. I loved the contemporary zampogna music as well as all the other. Totally loved the dancing. The zampogna workshop littered with all those home made tools. Giuseppe coming forward to sing at the bits he could join in with. The goat whose mother was eaten by wolves. The bells on their necks.

The goats and the zampogna got so interlinked for me, that at one point I was watching what I thought was about sixty zampognas being taken in off the hillside--then I realized they were goats. In other words the instrument kind of came alive and had a life of its own!

The poets in the square, the poem duet, father and son singing and zampogna-ing --wow, total magic. I'd recommend this DVD to anyone--you'll love it!

I plan on visiting the website where your further work is, David. Thank you so much for letting us know about the DVD. Will be watching many times, and showing to others."

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