Urban Sustainable Living, Volume 1
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Urban Sustainable Living, Volume 1

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Urban Sustainable Living, Volume 1

Organic Vegetable Gardening Video Compilation

A 116min compilation featuring extended versions of the following web videos from GardenGirlTV.com. Videos included are: * Organic pest control * Planting your own City orchard * Installing your own pond * Vertical gardening * Raising Bantam hens in the city * Raising Rabbits in the city * Cooking with vegetables fresh from the garden * Raising Chickens for meat in the city * Growing Heirloom Tomatoes * Raised bed Gardening * Turning your lawn into an Edible Landscape * Raised Beds in the city * Aquaponic Gardening * How to build a raised bed * Building a Chicken Tractor * Simple composting * Indoor Gardening * How to spin your own wool * How to knit a baby hat and more!

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