Fugitive Underground's DVD of the Dead

Fugitive Underground's DVD of the Dead

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Fugitive Underground's DVD of the Dead

Trust Me, You Will Not Make It Out!!!

The recently dead are returning to life to feast on the flesh of the living. It's an all out Zombie Apocalypse. But will a little thing like that keep Fugitive Underground from playing a show?


Armed to the teeth, 'F.U' head out cross country through the endless hordes of the undead, fighting every step of the way. They will not disappoint their fans, both living and undead. They will play this show, even if it kills them.

An alternative-rock band with a metal edge, Fugitive Underground is a band that prides itself on standing apart from the pack. The group's dark, bitter songs, laden with references to drug addiction, love, & death, occupy a musical landscape somewhere between Alexis On Fire's intense head bangers and Alice In Chains grinding anthems. Fugitive Underground "F.U." for short, were formed in 2003, by Ryan Anthony Gollogly (vocals/guitar), with long time friend/brother in law William Franklyn Campbell (bass/vocals), after a long & indepth search the trio was set with Conrad Keith Thompson on (drums/vocals) together they made the newly christened Fugitive Underground.

This DVD contains three music videos depecting Fugitive Underground's epic adventure and a 50 minute 'Making of' featurette. Also included are 5 Fugitive Underground songs and a pile of extra features and easter eggs.


Fugitive Underground

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