Zen Garden - Koi Pond
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Zen Garden - Koi Pond

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Zen Garden - Koi Pond

Escape to a world of infinite bliss with the Zen Garden- Koi Pond DVD - the ultimate deep chill meditation DVD. The Koi Pond in a Zen Garden is perhaps one of the most tranquil features in the serene landscape of meditation. Infinitely shifting textures and colors of Koi fish swimming through the still water bring an inner calm, tranquility and peacefulness to the viewer.
Zen Garden - Koi Pond features infinite variations of Koi fish swimming, beautiful lotus blossoms floating in the sun, tranquil bridges over Koi Ponds and water, scene by breathtaking scene.
Shot in high definition, Koi Pond transforms your personal environment into a meditative, quiet Zen environment. Zen Garden DVD is authored to loop automatically, endlessly. Just simply load the DVD and enjoy. This DVD can be played on any Standard format DVD player, Widescreen format DVD player or any computer with DVD playing capability. An ambient soundscape featuring traditional Japanese instrumentation adds a sublime layer to the meditative experience. Or if you prefer- track 2 features water sounds only. Exhale slowly, and let the relaxing sounds and images of the calming Zen Garden - Koi Pond imagery gently wash over you, embrace you, and transport you to a distant meditative world where the simple movement of a Koi fish swimming aimlessly across a still pond marks the quiet passing of the day. In Japan, the breeding of Koi fish is taken as an art form, and their colorful presence in a Zen Garden is a constant reminder of life in motion and transition. A Koi Pond is an infinitely changing reflection, symbolic of the world beyond, and traditionally one of the most relaxing places of meditation in a Zen Garden.

Here at Zenchantment, we concentrate on finding the most spectacular images, composing the most sublime ambient soundtrack, and we take every measure possible to produce an enriching visual experience that borders on the spiritual. We like to think of our Zen Garden visual creations as handcrafted works of art. This takes more time and patience but we think it's worth it. We hope you do too. Relax and enjoy quiet serenity with Zen Garden - Koi Pond.
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Produced by Zenchantment.
Directed by Milos Kuhlman.
Music by Zenpurity

Title #298930
Format: DVD-R
Zen Garden - Koi Pond
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