Kid's Power Tools

Kid's Power Tools

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Kid's Power Tools

One of the most important things we can teach kids is that learning is fun; the other thing is the word of God. His word is powerful to save, heal, deliver, rescue, protect, comfort, satisfy, strengthen, inspire and make wise. Kid's Power Tools equips them (and their families) with over a dozen verses they will memorize in song, that will empower them to rise above their enemies and pursue bigger dreams.

Instead of allowing the world to change our kids, Kid's Power Tools empowers our kids to change the world.

Age 2-10, but fun for the whole family

Televised Broadcasts:
Good Life TV, The SuperChannel, Isaac TV Satellite Network Asia

This is the most fun way for Preschoolers and their families to learn the healing scriptures. Everyone in the house or school will have memorized the most powerful healing verses

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