Word 4 Word Kids

Word 4 Word Kids

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Word 4 Word Kids

Lucy is unaware of anything unusual about having a bear for a brother, a pineapple for conversation, an angel for scaring away creeps, pro-skaters for daily amusement, or Bible characters for live help. Instead, she becomes painfully aware that she abandoned her BFF, Tina the elephant for something better. Lucy discovers the importance of loving in word AND deed.

Kids learn dozens of Bible verses by heart through the songs in Word 4 Word Kids. As importantly, they learn how to apply them to their lives. Instead of allowing the world to change our kids, Word 4 Word Kids is empowering our kids to change the world.

* Shot by the cinematographer who filmed 'Beethoven's Big Break', 'Mortal Kombat' and Oscar winning 'Monster'
* Endorsed by Mary Costa, the voice of Walt Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty'
* Won a Best of Film Festival award at the Phoenix International Christian Film Festival 2011
* International Television Special, Trinity Broadcasting Network
* Opened theatrically at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Fall 2011

Age 3 to 12, but fun for the whole family

Televised Broadcasts:
TBN, SkyAngel, DISH Network, Good Life TV, The Super Channel, Isaac TV Satellite Asia

Best of Film Fest, Phoenix Int'l Film Festival

Film Festivals:
Theatrical Opening at The Holy Land Experience, Theme Park, Orlando

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