To See Her Move

To See Her Move

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To See Her Move

A prominent lawyer (Kyle McCoy) is mesmerized by a Latino dance instructor (Rebecca Hardin) after noticing her seductive moves on the dance floor while out for a night on the town with fellow colleagues.

And although he tries, Kyle is unable to get Rebecca out of his mind after that night. He finds himself enticed by the mere thought of her. Therefore, he takes the initiative to track her down at her and her partner's (Hector Delgado) dance studio a few days later. And, as fate would have it, a hot and steamy romance quickly develops between the two.

But little do either of them know that their romance is about to be abruptly interrupted. Because unknown to Rebecca Hector has been using their studio to help a ruthless drug lord (Joseph Conti) traffic his product, product that Hector has been secretly skimming from.

When Conti learns of Hector's skimming he immediately has him killed. He then turns to Rebecca whom he too has an infatuation for to pay back what's owed him. However, it isn't money that he wants. It's her! Conti pursues Rebecca relentlessly. Even going so far as using coercion to get his way. But rather than let herself be forced into something she doesn't want to do Rebecca decides to take matters into her own hands. She agrees to a date with Conti. But Conti soon learns that this date isn't for his pleasure, but her revenge.

The most controversial film in its class. Super Sexy! Flash Dance meets 9 1/2 Weeks and A Perfect Murder!

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