Of Love & Betrayal: Director's Cut
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Of Love & Betrayal: Director's Cut

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Of Love & Betrayal: Director's Cut

When Jack O'Connor learns that the piece of eight he found diving is a clue to sunken pirate treasure, he hopes it will be the answer to all his financial worries. The problem is, there are two other clues to the treasure's whereabouts. Portia Pennington and Sandy Sequoia -- two young women with their own dark secrets -- each holds one of the other clues necessary to locate the hoard of lost doubloons. Jack unites the three misfit adventurers; and in defiance of the pirate's curse, they go in search of the treasure. But they will have to learn to trust one another and work together if they expect to find the gold and survive the hurricane of the century -- a breeze compared to opening their hearts to each other.

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Kevin Rahm

Title #306893
Format: DVD-R
Of Love & Betrayal: Director's Cut
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