Holding Fast The Dream: Hawai'i's African American Experience

Holding Fast The Dream: Hawai'i's African American Experience

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Holding Fast The Dream: Hawai'i's African American Experience

From a freed slave from New York to President Barack Obama, African Americans have lived and thrived in--and contributed to Hawai'i for two centuries. But their remarkable contributions have languished in obscurity, ignored by history books, and remain unknown even within the islands' Black community.

"Holding Fast The Dream: Hawaii's African American Experience" chronicles their compelling stories: a young Black researcher whose scientific breakthrough in treating Hansen's Disease was stolen, and who then died in obscurity...the tragedy of racism in a multicultural paradise...and the significant achievements of Hawai'i's African Americans in science, social justice, and the arts.

It's the story of creating community based on shared stories that offer support and strength. The search for identity in a multicultural society. And the quest for acknowledgment and recognition in defiance of their small numbers. "Holding Fast The Dream" is a story unique to Hawai'i, but one that reflects the universal desire for connection and respect.

"Holding Fast The Dream" premiered at the 2010 Hawai'i International Film Festival. It was a featured selection of the 2011 San Diego Black Film Festival, and received its broadcast premiere in March 2011 on PBS Hawai'i.

DVD extras include extended interviews with experts featured in the film, and additional profiles of leading African American individuals in Hawai'i.

For more information, see our website: www.holdingthedream.org

For private home use only. Groups and organizations wishing to screen the film for their members, and other requests involving public exhibition must contact us at producer@holdingthedream.org.

Televised Broadcasts:
PBS Hawai'i (March 2011)

Film Festivals:
Hawai'i International Film Festival (2010)
San Diego Black Film Festival (2011)

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