iM-503 Heavy Metal Art
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iM-503 Heavy Metal Art

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iM-503 Heavy Metal Art

LC experiences the world of Deer Isle artist Peter Beerits who turns trash into visual fantasy. She also learns the secrets of making the best preserves.

Televised Broadcasts:
Saturday mornings at 10:30 on
the Maine Public Broadcasting Network

"I love that show. I never miss it at all.  I get my second cup of coffee and sit down to watch it.  I'm pretty new to Maine and didn't know anything about this state but because of your show I've learned so much. So educational and interesting."
"LOVED it!"
"I watch all your shows, if I'm able to do that.  That show you did on the ocean and the fog was the best of them all."
"Your show is very very interestin'!  Everyone likes it."
"I was most interested in the bison show."
"A GREAT show"
"I found your TV tour of the Children's Discovery Museum in Bangor to be very helpful in deciding whether or not my granddaughter was old enough to tour the museum."

Six Telly Awards
Two Emmy Nominations

Title #310196
Format: DVD-R