The Unbegotten

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About the author:
James Gordon - author, producer, promoter, composer, artist and entrepreneur. In 2003, he published his groundbreaking fictional work entitled, The Unbegotten, the story of the begotten daughter of God and her trials in dealing with the fate she was destined to face. Since then, Gordon has released and revised four more books in the series entitled, Cataclysm, Sacrifices, Apocrypha and Yesterday's Kingdom. He has also created a literary soundtrack to the book.

James Gordon has also released Mandarin Rose, Curse of the Black Lotus, Lady Dragon, Nationhood, Mocha Heat and Entice Me. In 2010, he has collaborated with his son, Kyle, and released his comic book, Whack! Look for these and other products at Mad Square Online.

The Unbegotten

Trials of Vanifera

Authored by James Gordon

The Unbegotten - Trials of Vanifera is the first book in the series, stretching the imagination and boggling the mind. It ventures to go where many fear to contemplate. It isn't your standard "good versus evil" book, but instead it is a roller coaster ride that will have you wondering about life and the afterlife. It is a tale of love, duty, hate, discord and choice. It encompasses every emotion ever experienced and fuses them inside a tale of spirituality, chaos and purpose.

Montellace Dupri is the wealthiest man on the planet. He is also a god. His sole purpose is to release his imprisoned master, the evil equivalent of God known as the Vul Paux. Once released, he and his fellow gods will wage a Celestial War against Jehovah and his servants to take back their rightful places as rulers of all creation. First, he will need to release the Vul Paux. In order to do that, Dupri must locate a very illusive artifact called The Gate of Osiris. However, the coordinates of the gate's location are buried in the memories of a very special woman named Vanifera.

Aided by Eve, the mother of all mankind, and a demonlord named Moa Ding Huang, Dupri sets out to locate Vanifera. As the hunt continues, signs of the Apocalypse begin to appear. Fearing the worst, Michael, Gabrielle, Sariel and the rest of the Angelic Host attempt to seek out Vanifera and ensure that Dupri doesn't discover the location of the gate. They've sworn to stop the impending Celestial War, even if that means killing Vanifera. But she is not alone. Her husband, Angelo, is also an angel. However, his deep love for her places him in a position where he must choose between saving the woman he loves and his duty to the throne of God.

When a mysterious young boy suddenly appears, Vanifera discovers that the difference between good and evil isn't clearly obvious. He, too, is very interested in Vanifera and she discovers that he is far more than what he seems. In fact, he could be the key to saving her as well as all of creation.

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1591099102 / 9781591099109
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US Trade Paper
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5.25" x 8"
Black and White
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Fiction / General

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