Hylantown- The Work of Leo Hylan 2000-2010

Hylantown- The Work of Leo Hylan 2000-2010

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Hylantown- The Work of Leo Hylan 2000-2010

Included in this DVD are three short films; as well as, two Photographic slideshows of straight photography and abstracted digital art accompanied by original audio tracks. The short films include- I Miss My Family, Under the World, and One Dimension at a Time.

I Miss My Family- is a film that exposes the 'normal' family dynamic through an 'abnormal' voice. This silent film is shot entirely in 16mm (both color and black and white), with an original soundtrack composed entirely through electronic composition. This style provides an entirely new perspective and insight into the narrative structure. The film is based in a enclosed house (filmed in black and white) where a dominating patriarch keeps his family locked inside; never seeing the outside world, through abusive measures. When the son finally gets his chance he tries to leave he has larger challenge than his abusive father- the real world (filmed in color).

Under the World- is a film that shows the world often unseen or overlooked. In a society that is always on the go, many people forget to see the world around them as it actually is- beautiful and faulted. This film tries to explore an expose this world in order to confront the viewer with what they are missing everyday.

One Dimension at a Time- is a film that follows the Time Travelers (electronic music duo of Keith Preston and Leo Hylan) as they jump from one dimension to the next in this experimental music video. Each song is another dimension with its own setting, style, and experience. See what happens as time catches up with them.

This DVD is a culmination of all the films, videos, photographs, and music from artist Leo Hylan.

-Finalist in ARTSCENTODAY.COM Competition
-Awarded as "Best New Middle School Art Teacher" by Maryland Art Educator Association- 2010
-Featured in "What's Up Annapolis" magazine- September, 2010

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Film Selected to be Shown at The Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, IL

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