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The Monkey's Paw

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The Monkey's Paw

From Director Ricky Lewis, Jr. comes an old fashioned ghost story full of Gothic atmosphere to chill you to the bone. In England, 1936, a family takes possession of a mystical talisman said to grant the bearer three wishes, but the wishes they ask bring terror and tragedy to their lives. Based upon the famous short story by W.W.Jacobs, it's an epic and horrifying tale that moves from the darkest jungle of India to the fog shrouded Moors with the warning that fate isn't to be tampered with.

Guillermo De Toro called it "Ambitious and full of inventive stuff. A very well-mounted, very smart piece!"

Featured in Fangoria February 2012!

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Special features include Director Commentary and Behind-The-Scenes Features

Subtitles: French, German, Spanish

"The Monkey's Paw is incredibly atmospheric. I was hooked from the opening sound design and imagery and found the mythological storyline interesting and well told. Congratulations to Ricky and everyone involved."

-Fred Toye, Director of "Fringe" "Falling Skies" "Chuck"

Well directed creepy retelling of a classic tale. Full of great Gothic atmosphere. Highly recommended. I have been a big fan of this story since I was a kid. Great example of subtle horror; it's what you don't see but that you know is coming! Ricky Lewis does a great job creating the world and taking advantage of the subtle horror of the story. Well shot with great locations; Lewis knows how to get the most out of what was probably a pretty small budget... but it doesn't look it. This is a filmmaker to watch! He's made other excellent short films as well, check them out if you can. This piece also has a really lush score, which adds a lot to the eerie atmosphere.

-John Gray, Writer/Director "White Irish Dinkers" "Ghost Whisperer" "Helter Skelter"

Robert Stilwell, Josh Burns, Rosemary Spence, Matt Knudsen, Ricky Lewis, Jr.

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