Everything Fred Tells Me is True

Everything Fred Tells Me is True

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Everything Fred Tells Me is True

Philip is a man whose future has no secrets. His dreams are haunted by Fred, a ghostly figure with a beard and bowler hat. Through Fred, Philip's dreams predict his own destiny. Upon waking, Philip sketches personal prophecy on scraps of paper, to guide his actions until his predetermined life lives itself out. There's only one catch: Philip himself has absolutely no idea what his dreams mean.

No problem! Philip surrounds himself with people who have all the answers for what his destiny holds. His best friend Tracy (who's always right) can interpret each dream with one glance at his sketches. And there's Devon, Philip's self-proclaimed spiritual advisor and documentarian, who's an authority on just about everything.

But despite all this certainty, Fred constantly throws Philip's life into turmoil. He tells him how to find true love by being the biggest jerk he can be. He tells him to avoid Christine, a good friend of Tracy's who is completely unaware of Philip's gift, and is the one person he feels any true connection with. And on top of everything, each dream taunts him with hints that his life may be soon ending.

So how do you life your life if you know everything that's going to happen? Can you change your destiny or do you surrender to the ride? Does trying to stop it make things turn out even worse? These are the questions Philip must face when Everything Fred Tells Him is True.

Alex Mills, Jessica Frey, Molly-Kai Chandler, David Hummel, Jensen Bucher, Alex Alessi

Title #313369
Format: DVD-R