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"Paul jerked off in the shower.
Paul just impregnated his bathtub."

World Premiering at Sundance and going on to play SXSW, Cannes, and other film festivals around the world. "TUB" is a dark comedy that has left audiences cringing, laughing, and recoiling in horror. Watch as Paul (Eric M. Levy) struggles with his newly birthed tub baby while navigating his troubled relationship with live-in girlfriend, Emily (Megan Raye Manzi).

This DVD includes over 50 minutes of Special Features including:
Commentary Tracks, Deleted Scene, Behind-The-Scenes Footage, Bonus Short Films, Sundance video diary, and more.

"9/10. Bobby has a unique vision and it's only a matter of time before everyone takes notice." - GordonAndTheWhale.com

"Soon-to-be classic urban legend horror story" - IndieWire.com

"Audacious and well made." - Slashfilm.com

"Top 10 Most Enticing Short Films at Sundance" - Cinematical.com

"Wonderful" -Tim Coyne for Crackle.com

"A film that aims for the viewer's heart, either to capture it or cause it to abruptly fail, the outcome is up to the individual." - WeAreMovieGeeks.com

Columbia University Faculty Honors (2010)
Columbia University Audience Award (2010)
Grand Prize - Experimental Film - Rhode Island International Film Fest (2010)
Weirdest Film - Knoxville Horror Film Festival (2010)

Film Festivals:
Dallas International Film Festival
Florida Film Festival
Nashville Film Festival
Arizona International Film Festival
Columbia University Film Festival
Palm Springs International Shortfest
Fantasia Film Fest
LA Shorts Fest
Rhode Island International Film Fest
Williamsburg International Film Fest
Coney Island Film Fest
Sidewalk Moving Picture Film Fest
Milwaukee Film Fest
Eerie Horror Film Festival
Philadelphia Film Festival
Williamstown Film Festival
Knoxville Horror Film Festival
24FPS International Film Fest
AFI Film Festival
St. Louis International Film Fest
Buried Alive Film Fest
Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Fest
Boston Underground Film Festival
Sci-Fi London Film Fest
Petaluma Film Fest
New Filmmakers Los Angeles

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