The Notorious Newman Brothers
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The Notorious Newman Brothers

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The Notorious Newman Brothers Gangsters have been covered before, but never like this! Join Max Chaplin, one of films most inexperienced directors, as he struggles to document Paulie and Thunderclap Newman on their ascension to mobster mediocrity. Hoping to penetrate the brothers' tight bond, Max goes deep inside the duo to uncover the truth about wiseguys, their influences, wizard ladies, mammoth hair jackets, mobster charades, a little bit of manslaughter and easily one of the biggest dope deals of all time. So do yourself a f**king favour and see The Notorious Newman Brothers, the film the Mafia wish never got made!

Rubbed Oregano Edition Includes:
-Deleted Scenes
-Filmmakers Commentary
-The Newman Brothers Live
-Storming TIFF
-The Birth and Death of the Newman Brothers
-Original Trailer

Televised Broadcasts:
Black Flag TV


Melissa D. Beveridge, Brett Butler, Jason Butler, Mike Mackenzie, Ryan Noel

BEST OF FEST - 2009 ReelHeART International Film Festival
BEST SCREENPLAY - 2009 Outhouse Film Festival

Film Festivals:
Mid-Valley Video Festival - 2011
Sinepalooza - 2010
Bootleg Film Festival - 2010
The Indie Gathering - 2009
Wreck-Beach Film Festival - 2009
ReelHeART International Film Festival - 2009
Muskegon Film Festival - 2009
River Bend Film Festival - 2009
Outhouse Film Festival - 2009

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