My Brother's War: Director's Cut
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My Brother's War: Director's Cut

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My Brother's War: Director's Cut

A young woman, Grace Kieler, takes on the identity of her brother, Henry, in order to search for him in the Confederate ranks during the Civil War. Along the way she meets a widow, Virginia Klaising, escaping the Union soldiers who have burned her farm and killed her child. Together they heal each others wounds. Over four hundred women fought disguised as men in the ranks of the American Civil War. Whitney Hamilton teams up with Dana Bennison to tell this intimate Civil War tale based on true accounts and diaries of women and soldiers during the era.
Written and Directed by Whitney Hamilton and Produced by Patrick Sullivan and Thom Milano.


Dana Bennison, Whitney Hamilton, Ryan Tramont, Patrick Melville, Rebecca Damon, Ed Moran, Thom Milano

Nominated for the Geraldine Page Award for Best Actress:
Whitney Hamilton
Nominated for the Maverick Award for Quality In A Low-Budget Film

Film Festivals:
New Hope Film Festival
Temeculah Independent Film Festival
Bluegrass Independent Film Festival
Methodfest Film Festival
Southern Appalachian International Film Festival

Title #316401
Format: DVD-R