Charlie's Box

Charlie's Box

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Charlie's Box

CHARLIE'S BOX: An early New York City Noir Drama in the spirit of Godard and Cassavetes, from filmmaker Jason Rosette, director of 'BookWars' (Terrific - LA Times) and 'Lost in New Mexico' ('Recommended - Library Journal).

Originally produced in 1991, remastered and made available on DVD in 2010.

SYNOPSIS: Nancy has just moved into an old Brooklyn apartment. Lying among her boxes and clutter is a package addressed to the former tenant - a mysterious person known only as 'Charlie'.

Alone with the package, the mood grows more and more strange by the minute, until Nancy finally decides to open it.

As she does, her front door opens...

Someone has the keys to her flat: it's a stranger who has come to collect the package on behalf of 'Charlie'.

Soon, the history of the apartment - and the whereabouts of its former occupant, Charlie - is revealed in one final, stunning moment.

'An classic tale of two strangers in the big city'


16mm black and white film with original vintage optical sound transfer for archival purity.

'Charlie's Box' is the first indie film by filmmaker J Rosette ( of Camerado; the movie was lost during the great fire of Oakland, CA for over a decade and and only recently rediscovered!

Movie plays twice on one DVD, once standard play, followed once again with a director commentary version.

Running Time 14:52 per program = 29:00 TRT

© 1994-2012 J Rosette / CAMERADO

Ralph Feliciello

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