DVD: Sacred, Beautiful, & Universal: Colloquium XIX
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DVD: Sacred, Beautiful, & Universal: Colloquium XIX

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DVD: Sacred, Beautiful, & Universal: Colloquium XIX

http://www.ccwatershed.org/cmaa DVD includes special 30-minute interview with Dr. William Mahrt.

Televised Broadcasts:
EWTN 2011 (Sun 5 June: 2 AM)
EWTN 2011 (Fri 10 June: 10 PM)
EWTN 2011 (Sat 11 June: 2 PM)

Review by Jeffrey Tucker (FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2010):

To me, this film does the most important thing: it explains to Catholics why music for liturgy matters. We all know that the core of the problem in Catholic music really comes down to indifference. For all the other troubles out there (lack of money, lack of training, lack of resources, etc.) the real issue is that most Catholics don't know why they should care.

For this reason, I really do believe that this is the most important film to hit the Catholic world in a very long time. And I can't say enough great things about Watershed that they decided to release it for free on the internet. This is a wonderfully progressive act of generosity and service. I hope that would will even consider donating to the group for this act of evangelism.

From a quality standpoint, it beats just about everything: beautifully filmed and recorded, with effortless transitions from topic to topic. And get this: there is no narration beyond that spoken by people in the movie itself. I stand in awe at the editors who made this happen.

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