A Visual Vacation Log of the Wild West - May 2011

A Visual Vacation Log of the Wild West - May 2011

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A Visual Vacation Log of the Wild West - May 2011

This is what "reality shows" should be, REAL!

Join Rick and Diana of Just Good Fun as they take you through their real life wildlife adventures across the western United States. In May of 2011, they took a road trip for four weeks through nine states, with two goals; to photograph the west's natural beauty and to record as much wildlife as could be found. What did they find? Eagles, ravens, egrets, otters, moose, muskrat, beaver, bears, coyotes, deer, orcas (killer whales), grey whales, dolphins, elk, bison and so much more! They also visited a few specialty parks. At one, they got real close to black bears, grizzly bears and wolves. At another you'll see a place where you can have baby tigers romping in your lap. Time of your life kid!

This is not a show, the animals are as they found them. Their goal is to encourage you to get out there and go see them for yourself!

The Boufford's know there's something unique to everyone out there, in the wild. Some look for peace and tranquility, some it's rough and rugged adventure. Others just want see what is out there. The Boufford's like it all, and in this adventure, they show you what really is out there. In Bryce, you'll see sunrise with two of world's friendliest wild ravens, Hoss and Mrs. Cartwright. Then it's a mule ride into the park. See the Grand Tetons in snow, with elk and more moose than many locals had ever seen. In Yellowstone, it's geysers, bears, bison dueling and beautiful coyotes in full winter coats hunting. Then they take you where bears work to get into bear proof containers and two separate packs of wolves get to hang out. On San Juan Island you'll see eagles, kits (baby fox) and orcas jumping and spy hopping. And then, to the West Coast Game Park, a privately owned "petting park" where you can have baby tigers play, right in your lap, and pet a 4 week old baby spotted leopard.

All this and some of the west's most beautiful landscapes.

And if you like to cook, what better way to enjoy an area than to be able to cook using what's available? On this 5,000 mile road trip, the Boufford's rented a beautiful home, on the waterfront, on San Juan Island, Washington. On the companion DVD to this trip, Chef Rick shows you where he shopped, what he bought and demonstrates the entire menu that was developed from what was available right there on San Juan Island. You'll see you don't have to spend all the time in the kitchen if you choose not to. And you'll be surprised at the savings when compared to the cost of dining out. They ate very well, with; Rack of Lamb, Fresh Dover Sole with Black Truffled Mushrooms, Roasted Pork with Fresh Apples, Breakfast Burritos, Duck Egg Aioli. And that's just a start, and yet the total food bill for two, for five plus days came to $180. That's only $6 per person, per meal! "The Black Sheep Cooking Club's Vacation Cooking" Look for it on Amazon.com.

And join 'em at justgoodfun.net and the blacksheepcookingclub.com !

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