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Blind People

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Blind People

You can be blind without ever losing your vision...

Suffering from depression and self-hatred over a failed relationship, Ray contemplates taking his life daily. His grief impacts his actions so much that his best friend and recently stricken blind roommate, Jake, can sense the tension as well as anyone else around.

Ray goes through every day in denial, grasping at a sense of belonging and holding onto his memories as they poison him even more. No matter who tries to help or support him, he pushes them away and isolates himself further.

Ray is spiraling deeper every moment, further into the dark recesses of his own mind, but only he can decide the outcome of his own troubles.

Blind People is a contemporary drama that argues against suicide as a solution to any of life's problems. Following the existential philosophy of Jean Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, Blind People shows the realities of a life spent dwelling on an unchangeable past without ever looking forward as well as the results of following life's downfalls to their emotional end: suicide.

At the same time however, Blind People contrasts Ray's dark existence with that of his physically blind roommate and best friend Jake. Though Jake has lost his vision, most of his friends and has far more reason to hate life, Jake has found peace through acceptance of his problems. Jake tries his best to make the most of the life he has, and has resolved to help his friend Ray accept his.

David Hammons

Title #320321
Format: DVD-R