Evil Deeds 3
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Evil Deeds 3

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Evil Deeds 3

5 more tales of terror are told by The Hermit... this time to an old trucker giving him a ride after the events that ended Evil Deeds 2.

'Moondance' In this tale, a sister is visited by her long lost brother. But upon his arrival a murder happens at a nearby house and Detectives Simms & Bloch arrive to investigate.
'The Unseen' Two couples who were childhood friend reunite at one of them's family house, but are stalked by a masked killer thought long dead.
'Sticking To The Script' A writer is haunted by the villain he created in his own script, but are his visions real or just a part of his own imagination.
'Carmilla' A powerful vampire queen is destroyed, but her evil influence continues as her drone plots to have her queen reborn!
'Head Of Horrible Hall' A living severed head of a powerful warlock seeks to return to it's body with the help of two unsuspecting southern belles.

Lucian Xanthos, Thomas Krueger, Joe Farrer, Jennifer Day, Elaine Rawlinson, Sarah Rawlinson, Matt Spease, Brian Ramme, Jenny Benson, Brian Hardin II, Michael D'Amico, Julia Fay, Stephanie Weaver, Taylor Lauren Galloway, Daisy Owings, Jessi Davis

Title #320910
Format: DVD-R