A Flower Medley
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A Flower Medley

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A Flower Medley

A relaxing and reminiscent movie designed for people with Alzheimer's disease, dementia and frail aged people. Used by Carers, Activities Coordinators and therapists to assist social interaction and memory stimulation. While primarily designed for care-recipients, this DVD movie allows all viewers to experience the joys of a familiar past-time of walking through gardens and parklands.
Private & Botanical Gardens
Flowers, birds & insects
Nature & seasons

Beautiful photography and videography presented in vignettes of themed colours and enhanced with relaxing and familiar classical music.
Looped for your convenience or advance to closing images at any time.
Filmed in Australia
No Subtitles
DVD Pal Format - HDV 1080i
ISBN:978 0 9870518 2 0

Title #322351
Format: DVD-R

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