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Gone Fishing

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Gone Fishing

Designed for people with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, memory loss and frail aged people. Used by Diversional therapists, activities coordinators, nurses and carers to assist reminiscence and social interaction with a care-recipient.
Main Movie: Two men fishing on a sunny day. Activities portrayed include knotting a sinker to line, baiting a fishing hook, casting and waiting. Filmed on beautiful South Stradbroke Island, Gold Coast, Australia and includes beach scenery, fishing from a beach and boat travel and fishing.
Additional Movies:
A Fishy Tale (10mins, A fun movie)
Beach Fishing (10mins relaxing)
Along the Seashore (10mins relaxing)
A Fishing themed Crozzle.
Accompanied by familiar and relaxing classical music.
DVD Pal Format - HDV 1080i
ISBN:978 0 9805154 7 3


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