Moments in Lavender
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Moments in Lavender

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Moments in Lavender

A delightful DVD designed for people with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, memory loss and frail aged people. Used by Diversional therapists, activities coordinators, nurses and carers in aged care to support social interaction and reminiscence.

Main Movie (28mins): Sewing by hand and with a treadle sewing machine; making a lavender scent bag; lavender gardens with bees & a grasshopper and a man gardening & planting lavender, and more.
Includes a word changing game.
DVD also includes a shortened, slightly faster version (10mins) and an introduction to the series of therapeutic DVD activities by Judi Parkinson (producer).
DVD Pal Format - Wide Screen Format
ISBN: 978 0 9804682 0 5

Title #322571
Format: DVD-R

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