Edgar Allan Poe's THE RAVEN
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Edgar Allan Poe's THE RAVEN

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Edgar Allan Poe's THE RAVEN

Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale of psychological terror is brought to life in this short film from Trilobite Pictures and director Peter Bradley. Hailed as "THE adaptation of Poe's The Raven" by Cult Cuts Magazine, this DVD features the full original film (starring Louis Morabito, Jenny Guy, and Michael Sayers), and special features targeted specifically for students and educators- subtitles of the full original Poe text, "Forgotten Lore" making-of featurette, and a newly produced Edgar Allan Poe biography featurette. Film Threat Magazine said, "This is just a wonderful film, and a fantastic tribute to Poe and his literary legacy." Fans of classic horror, classic literature, or simple of the macabre owe it to themselves to have this marvelous DVD in their collection.

From RUE MORGUE Magazine-

"Edgar Poe is paid a short impressive tribute with a new 12-minute black and white film adaptation of the writer's most famous and everlasting poem on loss and remembrance - THE RAVEN. Directed by Peter Bradley of Trilobite Pictures, the short movie stars Louis Morabito as the sad narrator pining for his lost love Lenore (Jenny Guy). The bird of ill-omen itself is a creepy, unnatural looking mechanical puppet that suits the atmosphere of this melancholy tale and a superbly dramatic reading by Michael G. Sayers sets the tone for the film. Music and audio are crisp and lend themselves well to the final product. Recommended viewing from Rue Morgue!"

From CULT CUTS Magazine-

"Edgar Allen Poe's haunting vision of THE RAVEN while dealing with his lost love of Lenore is brought to the screen in a surprisingly respectful manner. With stark black & white cinematography, an exquisite looking multi-faceted Raven puppet, haunting soundtrack, Poe's actual poem is read aloud as the story unfolds. Louis Morabito, looking like a young Orson Welles played by Johnny Depp, handles his role quite well in the unassuming role of Poe. What is even stranger and eerily foreboding is the narration of Michael Sayers, who not only sounds like Mr. Welles, but narrates just like him as well. This combination gives the whole proceedings a quality above other modern short films. Peter Bradley's direction keeps a close eye on this homage to a grand master of poetic horror and it never strays once. While made this year, it contains a nostalgic feel that enhances the influences from the original story. Personally, I could recommend this to about any English teacher as a prime example to show off the author's work. Simply put, this is THE adaptation of Poe's THE RAVEN, I can attest to this some more, even for haunting images of Lenore, for this I say, Nevermore."

For a complete list of reviews, please visit http://trilobitepictures.com/raven/reviews.html

Louis Morabito

Film Festivals:
-Official selection- Hollywood Underground Film Festival (Hollywood, CA)
-Official selection- HP Lovecraft Film Festival (Portland, OR)
-Nominee, Best Horror Film- Scarefest (Los Angeles, CA)
-Winner, Gold Award- Best in Show- Salem Horror Film Festival (Salem, MA)

-Winner 2nd place, editing- International Festival of Cinema and Technology,
(Orlando, Toronto, and Sydney)
-Nominee, Best Film- Horror Fiesta (Poland)
-Official Selection- SMAASH Film Festival (Minneapolis)

-Official Selection- New York International Independent Film and Video Festival
(Los Angeles, New York)
-Official Selection- New England Shrieks Horror Film Festival (Boston)

-Official Selection- Projecto Videolab's Edgar Allan Poe 200th Anniversary Celebration (Porto, Portugal)
-Official Selection- IDEAT Village Arts and Music Festival (Yale University- New Haven, CT)

-Official Selection-Bram Stoker International Film Fesitval (Whitby, England)

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