Stories from the Road 2

Stories from the Road 2

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Stories from the Road 2

The book series, "Stories from the Road - An Automotive Case Studies Series" is a real work in action about the intricacies of modern automotive diagnostics. It is based on actual real life situations. From this book you may extract real-life lessons, which will help you as an automotive aficionado, DIY mechanic and professional technician. The work is divided into narrated stories representing real-life applications of diagnostic technology, equipment usage, repair techniques and knowledge based information. Here, you'll get input on how to use the automotive scan-tool, OBD-2 ECM/PCM readers, oscilloscope, graphing multi-meter, signal tone injector and many other diagnostic tools. You'll also get deep insights on testing all kinds of sensors and actuators, such as injectors, solenoids, transmission components, motors, fuel pumps, CAM and crank sensors, TPS, MAF, Knock and pretty much every component seen today. All the content is presented on a narrated, story like format to make the knowledge easy and fun to comprehend. With that in mind, enjoy your readings.

Stories from the Road 2 - Content

* - Chevy's Two Peas in a Pod
(A story about what could happen when the ignition or the valve timing goes hay-wire. This story is real and one for the books.)

* - Chevy's Identity Mismatch
(Can you imagine a 5.0L engine that thinks it's a 4 cylinder? Something like this happened here and finding the cause was not easy. See what happened.)

* - Crank Sensor Compound Fault
(In whatever profession you have now, how often have you seen two problems at once. It is possible but rare and when combined into automotive diagnostics it's a nightmare.)

* - Diagnostic Triple Play
(This is a nice story and exposes how to use 3 different kinds of equipment to solve an automotive diagnostic issue, the Scanner, the 5-Gas Analyzer and the Scope. What a learning curve.)

* - Diagnostics from another dimension
(This case shows the intricacies of automotive ignition diagnostics and waveform analysis. It shows that there's always a quick way to find a specific fault, if you can master the equipment.)

* - Dodge Re-Flashing Identity Crisis
(Modern automotive computers or ECM/PCM are sold with a blank memory base. It's like a blank cassette tape. The technician then has to go through the process of reprogramming and configuring the new ECM. See how it affects the repair and automotive diagnostic process in this case study story.)

* - Puff of the Dragon
(What on earth is a Drogon and how do you use it to fix cars? Well, you do and it's called a Smoke-Machine. See how this device can save you time and money to diagnose specific issues.)

* - BONUS Video...

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