Stories from the Road 3

Stories from the Road 3

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Stories from the Road 3

The book series, "Stories from the Road - An Automotive Case Studies Series" is a real work in action about the intricacies of modern automotive diagnostics. It is based on actual real life situations. From this book you may extract real-life lessons, which will help you as an automotive aficionado, DIY mechanic and professional technician. The work is divided into narrated stories representing real-life applications of diagnostic technology, equipment usage, repair techniques and knowledge based information. Here, you'll get input on how to use the automotive scan-tool, OBD-2 ECM/PCM readers, oscilloscope, graphing multi-meter, signal tone injector and many other diagnostic tools. You'll also get deep insights on testing all kinds of sensors and actuators, such as injectors, solenoids, transmission components, motors, fuel pumps, CAM and crank sensors, TPS, MAF, Knock and pretty much every component seen today. All the content is presented on a narrated, story like format to make the knowledge easy and fun to comprehend. With that in mind, enjoy your readings.

Stories from the Road 3 - Content

* - Driver's Seat Diagnostics
(Fantastic case study that shows a new term in automotive diagnostics called "Driver's Seat Diagnostics", which makes use of PC based tools to diagnose tough faults. DSD will not work on all cases, but it's a power technique and will save lots of time.)

* - El Dorado's Frozen into Oblivion
(The weather certainly plays a part in the operation of any automobile. However, these issues are not so easy to detect and your knowledge of the right technique is a must.)

* - Electro Hybrid Technician
(Hybrid vehicles are both dangerous and complex. See how it's done here in this real world case study. Learn the procedure to diagnosing and repairing the newer hybrid vehicles.)

* - Ford E250 Incognito Relay
(The way vehicles are manufactured plays a huge part on why components are designed in the specific way that they are. This however plays havoc on the repair technician. See why.)

* - FORD E250 Speeding Rocket
(What, an aerospace issue with a modern vehicle? Not really, but this is a strange case indeed. See the ramifications and the intertwined nature of auto repair and components.)

* - Ford Fiesta Catalytic Converter Efficiency Deal
(Catalytic converter diagnostics is a major issue with any repair shop. Technicians scramble to properly diagnose these system and not erroneously replace the converter. See how it's done.)

* - Ford Ranger and the CAM Synchronizer
(The CAM or camshaft sensor is a major input to any newer sequentially injected vehicle. But, these components are often times difficult and tricky to replace. THis is a wonderful case that illustrates the issue. See how it's done.)

* - BONUS Video...
Automotive Ignition Key transponder video details the inner workings of the newer antitheft systems and how they interact with the rest of the car.

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