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(Limited Edition, Director's Cut) "Yorktown" is a 1970's inspired thriller film that takes place in the City of Yorktown. It's about a group of eight friends that upon hearing of Yorktown Memorial Hospital from an ill guided bar patron, played by actor/comedian and NBC's Last Comic's Standing finalist Dante, the group decides to take a road trip to the haunted location and "investigate", despite the heeded warnings from the bartender, played by actress Rebekah Kochan. What they don't realize is that someone has already taken up residence in the building and someone is trying to revenge a death. When you don't pay attention to your friends, bad things happen. The movie takes a traditional plot and adds modern social elements with a plot twist.

"Yorktown" Delivers a Great Classic Horror Experience
by Daniel Ross

Recently, I saw the independent film "Yorktown". I knew almost nothing about it, having only seen the short teaser trailer on their website. I was in for a surprise.

Let me summarize the film quickly. A random guy in the bar tells them about a haunted hospital in the rural community of Yorktown, Texas, and how to get there: "Drive about two hours and when your radio goes out, take a right." The friends all embark on their road trip to find the place and blood soaked wackiness ensues.

Overall, the movie was quite funny and is worth checking out. It's a great spoof and plays homage to the classic slasher flicks of the late 70's and early 80's. The fact that the film was as well put together as it was surprised me when I found out that almost no one involved in its creation had any prior movie experience.

Beyond that, the movie even got a killer selection of bands including Sex Coffee and White Elefant to be on the soundtrack. The fact that this film was able to do so much is pretty impressive considering it was a first film and no one in it had formal education in film.

Almost everyone involved in the film are San Antonio natives. The only big names they got for the movie were Rebecca Kochan (from the famed Eating Out films), Dante (Finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing), and former Texas native, Tamie Carpenter (Vampires Suck, ABC's The Gates) who is actually a former resident of the titular Yorktown who actually agreed to be in the film in the name of hometown pride.

"Yorktown" is an amazing indie film that will take you back to the good old days of classic slasher flicks. It has a ragtag cast that works well with the movie, a soundtrack to "die" for. I'm happy to have seen the theatrical release of such an imaginative and enjoyable film.

This article appeared in the October 2011 issue of ignite Magazine.

Tamie Carpenter, Rebekah Kochan, Dante, Bridget Blankenship, Lucas Chance, Nicholas Lee Chance, Brandy Combs, Jeff Evans, Nicki Harlan, Rachel Pittman, Sean Wilkes

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