Palm Beach Acting School - Lesson 1

Palm Beach Acting School - Lesson 1

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Palm Beach Acting School - Lesson 1

Join Michael Haney, owner of the Palm Beach Acting School, and a Sanford Meisner trained actor, in learning how acting is really living truthfully in imaginary circumstances.

Televised Broadcasts:
I have worked with noted actors James Woods, Tom Hanks, Raul Julia, Mercedes Ruehl, Andy Garcia, James Franco, Mark Pellegrino, Billy Crystal, and Jason Alexander.

Some of the directors I worked with are Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, Oliver Stone, David Steinberg, David Mirkin, Neil Leifer, Ami Mann, Mick Jackson and Joe Adler.

I have appeared in Catch Me If You Can, Nixon, Indictment-The McMartin Trial, Contact, Coneheads, The Bachelor, General's Daughter, Next Door, For Better or Worse, Dawn of our Nation, The Witness, Case Breakers, Outlaw, Clinton & Nadine, Space Marines, Trading Hearts , Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, General Hospital, The Edge, Designing Women & Miami Vice TV series.

The film studios I worked at are MGM, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, Lime Lite Studios, Dania Films, Multi Media Productions & Newman Films.

My name is Michael Haney. My personal mission is to build the best acting school possible. Toward that end my objective is to train so many students, so well, that actors from South Florida develop the same prestige now given to those in Hollywood. This is certainly an attainable goal, especially recognizing the industry support being offered in our area!

Michael Haney, Irene Kelly, Stephanie Hernandez, Robert Fabano, Lisa Emer, Tamika Creerer, Cary Collins

I was the winner of the Downtown Boca Raton Film Festival and received a teaching award from the Film Recording & Entertainment Council!

Film Festivals:
Downtown Boca Raton Film Festival & The Lake Worth Film Festival!

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