Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone Season 1, Episodes 6 - 10
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Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone Season 1, Episodes 6 - 10

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Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone Season 1, Episodes 6 - 10

First TV show ever hosted by a real judge! Expert guests include authors, judges, lawyers, and counselors. All your family law questions answered in an entertaining talk show format.
Season 1, Episodes 6 - 10, Disc 2 of 3

Episode 6. A View from the Bench
Guest: Judge Michael Porter (retired)

This episode provides the rare privilege of hearing from an outspoken retired family court judge from Alberta who spent 22 years resolving all kinds of parental disputes. We will have a frank and candid discussion and I have invited him to unleash his most forthright insights into the family justice system. He will also tell us why he left the court in 1997 to pursue what he believes is a much healthier and effective way to help parents resolve their conflicts.

Episode 7. Sex Addiction
Guests: Doris Vincent, Cathy Patterson-Sterling, Andrew McWhinnie

Given the advent of the Internet with its seemingly limitless availability of sexually explicit content, it should come as no surprise that this can be a serious challenge for many people suffering from potentially addictive personalities. What are sexual addictions? How does such an addiction develop? What is the impact on relationships and families when a parent is suffering from a sexual addiction? What are the signs that partners and loved ones should look for if a sexual addiction is suspected? How, if at all, do sexual addictions affect one's parenting capacity? What help is available for people suffering from sexual addictions and their partners? Join Justice Brownstone as he probes all of these issues with experts in the field.

Episode 8. Men's Issues in Family Law
Guests: Theo J. Boere, Elisabeth Strain

In the last half-century, parenting dynamics in many families have changed, as more moms have entered the workforce, requiring more dads to share the parenting duties. In fact, it's no longer that uncommon to find some families with stay-at-home dads, with moms who are the breadwinners. How has this shifting culture been reflected in parenting arrangements after separation? Courts make custody and access decisions based on the best interests of the child, not the parents. But many people continue to express a very disturbing perception of the law and the justice system, and there's a lot of advocacy for 50-50 shared parenting. What does the law have to say about that? And what can be done to make mothers and fathers more child-focused in their parenting decisions?

Episode 9. Pets and Divorce
Guests: Rebeka Breder, Dr. Rebecca Ledger

Any pet owner will agree that pets are family too! What happens to pets when family breakdown occurs? What is the best way to keep children and their pets emotionally bonded even if they can't live together? How do you get pets to become accustomed to living in two (or more) different homes? How do you ensure a harmonious household if new pets (for example, a parent's new partner's dog or cat) are introduced into the home? Is it a good idea to give a pet to a child experiencing the angst of parental separation, to help relieve the child's stress and loneliness? Do pets experience grief and anxiety when a family breaks up?

Episode 10. Domestic Abuse
Guests: Judge Gary Cohen, Carolyn Fast

Although this topic only infrequently receives public attention, it is a sad reality of North American life that many homes are fraught with domestic violence. Quite apart from the trauma that this imposes upon victims, it is now well-accepted that when children witness their parents arguing and fighting, this is a form of child abuse. How prevalent is domestic violence? Why does it occur? Can it be prevented and treated? What can be done to insulate children from this situation. How effective are the courts in addressing this serious social issue? Justice Brownstone will address all of these issues in this much-anticipated episode.

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Justice Harvey Brownstone, Judge Michael Porter (retired), Doris Vincent, Cathy Patterson-Sterling, Andrew McWhinnie, Theo Boere, Elisabeth Strain, Dr. Rebecca Ledger, Rebeka Breder, Judge Gary Cohen, Carolyn Fast

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