16 to Life

16 to Life

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16 to Life

On her 16th birthday, never-been-kissed Kate (Hallee Hirsh) decides to play cupid for two people she works with, pairing her boss (Theresa Russell) with a customer (Jaime Gomez) and setting up short-order cook Rene (Shiloh Fernandez) with an oversexed co-worker (Emily Foxler). But in the process of matchmaking, Kate learns surprising lessons about love and romance.

"Poignant... as well as comic touches...an endearing serio comedy." Variety

"With 16 to Life, Smith demonstrates her realistic insights on teenage life..." "Theresa Russell, who plays stand-owner Louise, is pitch-perfect as Kate's semi-second mother..." The Daily Iowan, 2009.

"16 to Life" is an insightful comedy...terrific depth of characters. In short, I loved the story, loved the characters, loved the movie." Dickinson County Register, 2009.

"...with intelligent characters and witty dialogue that Diablo Cody should take a note from...I enjoyed every minute of this film." The Film Snob, 2009.

Hallee Hirsh, Theresa Russell, Shiloh Fernandez, Mandy Musgrave, Will Rothhaar, Jaime Gomez, Carson Kressley

NINE "Best of Festival" Awards Internationally

Film Festivals:
Method Fest, Audience Award
Kansas Int'l Film Festival - Best of Festival/Audience Award
Mississippi Int'l Film Festival - Best of Festival
Asheville Int'l Film Festival - Best of Festival
Female Eye - Best Foreign Film
Wild Rose - Best of Festival
Landlocked - Best of Festival/Audience Award
Tunisia Int'l Film Festival - Best Actress
Landlocked - Best of Festival/Audience Award

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