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Dead Right

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Dead Right

Brutal. Ruthless. Deadly. He’s flawed that way...

When Deke (Michael Martin) gets paroled after six years of false imprisonment, he begins his mission of exacting revenge on whoever sent him there. After a painful interrogation of an old “friend”, he gets the shocking news: his own brother, Bennie (Mitchell Martin) was behind the frame-up. Deke also finds out that his wife, Chelsea (Katie Greggans), is under the influence of notorious pimp, Sweet William (Chris Cairo). Now, it’s up to Deke to get Chelsea back and deal with his brother’s betrayal.

Directed by Daryl Della, Dead Right is an action-packed suspense thriller featuring bloody violence and brutal revenge, with an outsanding original score by Arbel Bedak.

Produced by Daryl Della, Michael Martin, Ray Revello, & Chris Cairo
Written by Hank Della

DVD Special Features Include:
Commentary by Daryl Della, Michael Martin, Mitchell Martin, Chris Cairo, & Ray Revello
Making Dead Right: The Blood Cannon
Making Dead Right: Bennie's Tattoos
Dead Right: The Original Version
The Dead Right Cocktail

Michael Martin, Mitchell Martin, Chris Cairo

Title #328156
Format: DVD-R