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Home Staging 101

Nationally recognized home staging pioneer and real estate expert, Lise Desormeaux (http://LiseDesormeaux.com/about-Lise) is best described as a vivaciously funny cutie pie who really knows her stuff. Lise describes herself as the CBW (Chief Bottle Washer) for RMR-Real Estate Marketing Results, Inc., a home staging company she founded in 2002. Either way one thing is clear, Lise is very passionate about home staging and her remarkable ability to ‘Transform Houses for Sale into Homes that Sell’ for the elite luxury home market in Atlanta, Ga. Lise is so excited about what she does that she created a multi-media production and specialty home goods company to help people around the globe affordably achieve the same amazing results her very wealthy clients receive from her personally. Lise’s passion is to give everyone a way to decorate clutter-free or stage a home for sale ‘like a million dollar home’ with her signature techniques, ideas and designs that only the wealthy can otherwise afford. Whether you wanting top dollar while selling your home in record time or you’re looking to re-design your home for a productive clutter-free lifestyle, Lise created Home Staging 101 DVD just for you. It’s the perfect tool or gift that really gets it done! Selling your Home? Here’s what’s inside Home Staging 101 DVD

  • Home staging secrets that attract buyers and make them wild for your home
  • Statistics that confirm the seller’s return on the home staging investment
  • Answers to questions from realtors and sellers – even questions most are afraid to ask
  • Detailed, but easy and fun to follow, home staging techniques such as:
  • No Brainers- How-to showcase the three most important large surfaces for interior and exterior and three most important rooms of every home.
  • Primary Staging- All of the important steps to de-clutter, re-design and furniture placement for every space including specialty rooms
  • WOW Factor- Getting people to say ‘WOW, I gotta have it.’
  • Instruction for updating, renovating or improving the condition of any home
"Lise Desormeaux not only gave a compelling financial case for the importance of home staging, but more importantly, she gave very concrete, detailed actions to effectively stage a home. She really explains thoroughly the secret sauce to making home staging successful. " Leslie Simmons Pierson, Homeowner, Atlanta, Ga Want to be more productive by decorating your home for a clutter-free lifestyle? Here’s what you’ll learn with Home Staging 101 DVD
  • Organizing tips that will not only de-clutter your life but will help you stay that way
  • You’ll achieve a stress and clutter-free lifestyle easily
  • You’ll improve the spaciousness of your environment both physically and mentally
  • Ideas that will make your life easier and help you be more productive
"I fail miserably at home decorating, so this DVD was like a step by step tutorial in home decorating! I know it is geared to those who are trying to sell their homes, but ANYONE can benefit by the incredible tips Lise offers in this compelling and easy to follow DVD." Karen Lee, Homeowner, Atlanta, Ga Home Staging 101 DVD promises to be fun to watch with real ideas and techniques to help you achieve your goal of being more productive by decorating the clutter-free way as well as staging your home to sell for more money, FAST! "Watching this DVD is like tuning in to a great TV show--fun to watch with real tips and techniques that anyone can put into immediate use. It's a lot like watching Suze Orman give great advice about your finances--her conviction and credibility makes you want to take action right away.

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