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Anna is tired of being dull and mistreated.

Now having enough, Anna (Amanda Colianni) breaks from character to take on her life as she's always dreamed.

For far too long the cat calling construction workers, hostile work environment and personal matters have needed to be put in their place.

Produced entirely in 21 days, "Anna," is the fourth short film and second entry for Project Twenty1 by Wide Eyed Pictures.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Actress commentary, director commentary, assistant director/writer commentary, behind the scenes feature, trailer and storyboards.

ALSO INCLUDES: A bonus second short film, "The 11th Commandment". Special features include actress commentary, director commentary and trailer.
Anna (Runtime 8:14)
The 11th Commandment (Runtime 8:51)
Behind The Scenes Feature (Runtime 28:24)

Amanda Colianni, Steven Moreti, John Mitchel, Mindy Hixson, Marie Maginity, David Stanley Aponte

Title #329166
Format: DVD-R