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Conrad Talks Hollywood

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Conrad Talks Hollywood

Take a stroll down memory lane as famed indie film, cult icon, Conrad Brooks discusses Hollywood in its heyday. Listen to his historic memories and his celebrity encounters with such superstars as Frank Sinatra, and his discussion of his interactions with friends such as Ed Wood, Bela Lugosi, and Lawrence Tierney. Conrad speaks as he is driven down the boulevard of the stars, (Hollywood Boulevard), on the freeways of Hollywood and on the streets of North Hollywood, California. This Scott Shaw Zen Film Documentary provides a unique look into forgotten Hollywood.

Conrad Brooks was born on January 3, 1932 in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1948 Conrad and his two brothers, Henry and Ted, traveled to Hollywood, California to break into the movies. The year he arrived he met up with the soon to become infamous, Ed Wood, Jr. Ed Wood put all three brothers in his first film, Range Revenge. Conrad continued to make movies with Ed Wood and appeared in six of his films, including: Glen or Glenda, Jail Bait, Bride of the Monster, Night of the Ghouls, The Sinister Urge, and, of course, Plan 9 from Outer Space. Throughout the years Conrad has continued forward Starring in numerous films; including several Scott Shaw, Donald G. Jackson Zen Films, as well as Producing and Directing many feature films.

Conrad Brooks

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