Interview with Jason Martell

Interview with Jason Martell

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Interview with Jason Martell

In common modern usage, the word "apocalypse" is often synonymous with the end of things, with destruction. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the "Apocalypse" of course describes that final cataclysm in which God is prophesied to sweep away all that is evil and usher in a new era for those He has chosen. It is meant to describe a definitive end of all that we know on this earth to make way for a new kind of existence. It is interesting, therefore, that this word is derived from the Greek "apokalypsis"-meaning "the lifting of the veil" or "revelation." The word "apocalypse," so often associated with endings and with disaster, contains within itself a very different meaning-one that speaks of knowledge and vision, of freedom from illusion. It is a word that speaks of construction, rather than destruction. It is a word that speaks not of endings, but beginnings.

In this interview, I will be concerned with this meaning of apocalypse-and, above all, with beginnings. I will be discussing our beginnings as Homo sapiens on this planet Earth. How did we get here? Where did we begin? Who created us? Throughout human history, our religious traditions have asserted many-often conflicting-explanations for these questions. Similarly, scientists and historians have put forth countless theories and analyses of antiquity. All too often, religion and science come into direct conflict on these questions-with disastrous results. We can all call to mind examples of suffering, persecution and cruelty that have plagued our history as a result of conflicting viewpoints on our origins. Surely, such senseless and destructive conflict doesn't have to go on forever. But how can we ever expect to change as a race if we don't accept our place in the universe? Can we lift the veil that covers our eyes?

The ancient astronaut theory allows us to do just that. In this interview, I will provide an easy and understandable gateway for introducing newcomers to the ancient astronaut theory and the true nature of our human history. Many people have a hard time conveying the impact this information has had on their lives. It is, in the truest sense, an apocalypse of knowledge-a revelation.

All ancient cultures speak of a time when they had connections with beings not from Earth that were both spiritually and technologically more advanced than us. Yet in modern times, we have still not managed to make contact with extraterrestrial life. I often wonder why this disconnection with more advanced beings has taken place. What is more, I wonder how their existence can be discounted in the face of the evidence they have left of themselves and their culture in literally every corner of our planet.

Their impact on our lives is reflected in the information gathered in this interview. A visit by an extraterrestrial race would show all humanity that we are not alone and never have been. This would have dramatic affects on world religion and how we perceive our place in the universe. It is my sincere hope that, within our lifetime, we can make enough change and progress to be welcomed into the galactic inner circle as respected members.

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