Neither Here Nor There (Institutional License)
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Neither Here Nor There (Institutional License)

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Neither Here Nor There (Institutional License)

"Neither Here Nor There" is a 35 minute documentary that explores cultural identity for people who have grown up in places other than their home culture, known as Third Culture Kids. Through the stories of six subjects, the film investigates the often overlooked effects on adults who had international upbringings, their struggles to fit in and an eternal search to belong.

The film is also a self-exploratory journey for the filmmaker, a Japanese-British raised bi-culturally and in an international school system, who now lives in New York. In her last year of college, she attempts to figure out how she fits in within the context of the world.

From Ruth E. Van Reken, co-author of Third Culture Kids - The Experience of Growing up Among Worlds:

"What a stunning film! In a world that too often divides by difference, Ema shows that responses to common human situations can be shared by people with very different cultural, ethnic, racial, and national experiences. Through a wonderful juxtaposition of interviews with visual artistry and gentle music, Neither Here nor There captures the essence of what so many are encountering in our globalizing world...the struggle to discover "Who am I, really?" when the world around is a constantly changing mirror reflecting back different answers with each change. This film is a valuable tool for those who have grown up cross-culturally, as well as those who are parenting or working with them, to find new language and awareness about the longer term impact of this increasingly common experience of growing up in, between, and among many different cultural worlds."

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