Cuban Masters Series: The Cuban Tres

Cuban Masters Series: The Cuban Tres

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Cuban Masters Series: The Cuban Tres

Learn to play the Cuban tres from a true master.

In this DVD, you will learn about the Cuban tres and how to play it correctly.

Your guide is Leonel "Guajiro" Gonzalez, who has played in many Cuban bands including Elito Reve and many sessions in studios around Havana. Leonel will open your eyes as to the possibilities of using the Cuban tres in, not just a traditional context, but also to play timba, danzon, mambo and other styles.

This is an intermediate to advanced series, but even a beginner could learn from this, albeit slower. We suggest you have some familiarity with the Cuban tres, but arrangers and composers will get valuable insight into this instrument and also Cuban music in general.

The book covers:

Traditional Son
Modern Tumbao
Roots of the Cuban Tres
Picking Styles
Son Section of Cha-cha-chá
Timba and Modern Son
Montuno Examples
Secret Weapon (Fretboard)
Harmony and Chords
Basic Tumbaos for Traditional Son Progressions
Punto Guajiro

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