Laura's Lost Love

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Stephanie's Surprise, Book Two of the Heart Junction Series

About the author:
Just about all of us want to get away from the demands of everyday life from time to time. Unfortunately, most of us don't have the luxury of being able to take off to some new, exciting place whenever we feel the urge--unless we like to read.

A book can take us anywhere we'd like to go. For readers who enjoy living vicariously in pastimes or in modern times Fran Shaff provides a great escape in the more than twenty novels she's published over the years. Fran's fictional books have won awards from readers, reviewers and fellow authors, and her non-fiction has been acknowledged in this way too.

Love is the main focus of all of Fran's books, whether they're contemporary or historical, serious or humorous, written for adults or teens. Love between men and women and among friends and families is featured in her books because there is nothing most of us want more than to love and be loved. Happy endings abound, but the journey to reaching that joyful final moment is always a rocky struggle, just the way we want our fiction (even though we could do without the drama in our real lives).

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Reviewers say: "Ms. Shaff is a gifted writer that always delivers in her stories." (The Romance Studio) "I have discovered a great new author in Fran Shaff. She writes with depth and understanding and digs deep into the emotional lives of her characters bringing the reader with her all the way." (A Romance Review) "Fran Shaff is a wonderful writer whose prose speak with passion from her heart." (Fallen Angel Reviews) "Ms. Shaff writes about characters that warm your heart and give you a good chuckle as well." (Coffee Time Romance)

Laura's Lost Love

Book One of the Heart Junction Series

Authored by Fran Shaff

Heart Junction, South Dakota, 1912

Laura will do anything to keep her little girl.

Gavin will do whatever he must to take the child away.

Shortly after Laura Windsor happily meets little Angelina, the orphan she intends to take into her home, she learns she may have a difficult time keeping the child.

Gavin Maitland hates shattering lovely Laura's dreams of motherhood, but he has no choice. He is bound to follow the rules of the town council regarding the placement of orphan train children: orphans may be placed with married couples only. If Laura doesn't marry soon, Gavin tells her, little Angelina, who's been given to her temporarily, will be taken away.

Laura is undaunted by the handsome man's threats. There is more than one way for a woman to have the family she wants, and, by thunder, she intends to prove it.

Golden Rose Award, Recommended Read Award


Laura hunched down next to Angelina. "Darling, Mr. Maitland and I need to talk. Will you wait outside with a nice lady while we have our discussion?"

Mr. Maitland reached for the child's hand. "Come, Angelina. Betty will show you her new typewriter. When she presses buttons, it writes words."

Angelina took his hand.

Mr. Maitland opened the door and led her through it to the lobby of the depot. "Can you read yet, Angelina?"

Laura knew the answer even though she didn't hear what Angelina told Mr. Maitland. She'd learned from the Children's Home in New York Angelina could read English as well as Spanish.

Laura let her gaze drift around the office. She appreciated the fine look of the large hardwood desk, but she could have done without the stale stench of cigar ashes emanating from the ash tray on Mr. Farrah's desk.

Mr. Maitland's melodious, deep voice drifted through the open door.

Angelina's sweet laughter followed the sounds of keys striking paper on a modern typewriter.

Laura relaxed a little knowing Angelina seemed to be content. She peeked around the frame of the door into the lobby. Mr. Maitland touched Angelina's cheek and smiled at her. The man who was trying to ruin Laura's life appeared to be charming the daughter he was ready to destroy. Gavin Maitland was most assuredly two men in one. Charming, handsome, some women might say irresistible with his mass of caramel hair and his hazel-brown eyes. Yet heartless, cruel, uncaring had to be accurate words to describe him if he intended to stop Laura from making Angelina her daughter.

She withdrew her gaze from the lobby and leaned against the door jamb. She closed her eyes. He just can't take my daughter from my arms. We need each other.

Mr. Maitland came through the door, nearly brushing his broad chest against her shoulder as she opened her eyes. He shut the door and stood inches from Laura, looking down at her.

She stared up at him, studying his eyes, wondering what she had to say or do to convince this sober, unrelenting stickler for the law to bend the rules this one time so she might keep Angelina with her in Heart Junction.

"Shall we sit down?" he asked in a coarse, husky voice.

Laura blinked and gazed up at him thoughtfully. Would charm work? Scolding? Intimidation?


Her cheeks burned. She looked away. "Yes, let's sit." Just the thought of how far she may or may not go to keep Angelina warmed her whole body.

... I will find a way to overcome any and all obstacles keeping my daughter from me," Laura said. "I have to because nothing matters more than finding and keeping love."

Mr. Maitland took her arm and led her to the door. "I appreciate your commitment to Angelina, but I'm afraid there is only one way you won't lose the girl. You'll have to get married."

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