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Tabloid Purposes  IV

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The line up changed over the years but the concept been relatively the same with Tabloid Purposes. Do an anthology that scares the crap out of whoever reads it. The books are helmed by renegade horror writer, Nickolaus Pacione, as his way to kick the doors down for the industry to read writers who normally wouldn't have a way in the business. Casey Gordon signed onto the series when he was just 16, S.G. Cardin came on soon after, the three were the constant authors in the line up then the others would join through out the years.
      Including the late Barbara Malenky and British Fantasy Award Winner, Paul Finch for the second Tabloid Purposes. (Skinner returned for IV as did Everette Bell, then you see Vinson, Pacione and Gordon appearing to together on a darker level. Terry's story was rewritten and revised from Doobie and the Jack.) There are nine anthologies under Pacione's belt since this had been originally published and they are getting moved to here eventually -- closed Pacione's storefront over Legend Keeper then namesake one is live and Namesake 2 just arrived at the same time as Tabloid Purposes: Book Five too. Cyber:Terror:Machine and Legend Keeper were his most political under his own name. Lloyd Phillip Campbell writing as him is when he's even more so.
      He is moved in full time and readying his Christian testimony and fought with to get his original files so he can move them to here too. He has Tabloid Purposes' original files to do a cool aspect it will interact with Tabloid Purposes IV and Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horrors. Pacione with The Room Mate, Places of the Cold, Wandering In Darkness, The Statue and Legend Keeper without realizing he did this employed the Roman à clef delivery. Breaking the fourth wall quite often. Pacione's traits as a horror author are easy very artful when doing the scares -- Wandering In Darkness he described having a Bollywood Gothic Horror vibe.

Tabloid Purposes IV

Something Macabre This Way Comes

Authored by El Al, Terry Vinson, S.G. Cardin, Casey Gordon, Casandra Lee
Photographs by Nickolaus Pacione
Introduction by Joseph Armstead
Cover design or artwork by Nickolaus Pacione
Series edited by Nickolaus Pacione
Founded by Nickolaus Pacione

This anthology is the most Gothic of the series and holds the story that is similar to Kealan Patrick Burke's quiet horror delivery. This features Reality Check anthology mate Terry Vinson and protégé Casey Gordon who proves himself on an epic scale with this one. He carries the story with this one and Joseph Armstead does the chilling introduction. Tabloid Purposes IV produced a spin off anthology called Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horrors and that even produced a sequel. You will see Casey Gordon, Nickolaus A. Pacione, S.G. Cardin, Terry Vinson, Gary Starta, and introducing Pauline Ramsey do stories that will leave one scared for years.
     If you're idea of a reading pattern of 28-37 years old is The Toad And The Frog Together; this is not your mother's horror anthology. If you read Tabloid Purposes IV not ready for a horror anthology; you might need to change your diapers if you're reading that known book.
     So don't be a fucking baby if you are unhinged by this anthology's Stygian matter. You bastards will be crawling back to mother with some of these horror stories better cast your ass to the wind with some of them. Passenger from the editor is a dark philosophical examination of health by way of sickness and death examining life. Much as the anthology that April Derleth's father was published in with his posthumous TOC mates H. P. Lovecraft and Rod Serling in 1990. The author who has the common tie to that anthology in the era was the short story Safety Zone as Pacione noticed this had the strongest language. This anthology is known as New England Ghosts (American Ghosts. The ISBN for this is 978-1558530904.)
     Pacione kept the swearing minimal like in Ghosts In The Tornado and this is a 7000 word entry for him. Ghosts In The Tornado swears harder though than Passenger. Passenger was written when Pacione was out of the ER at the apartment and thinking of the horror of what unfolded afterward. Pacione studied Burke's story Empathy to write this. It took a scary new trait when three of his friends died of health reasons under forty. One of them died in the year this anthology was published and Barbara Malenky didn't live to see IV become what it is. An Ex-Tabloid Purposes contributor had forced Pacione's hand in coming to in 2008 with this one but Pacione forgot his password for many years. Tested out the e-mail and sent "forgot my password" introduced Legend Keeper here and remembered he had IV here too so he started tinkering with the original PDFs. The covers look a lot darker and some ways in Pacione's terms a "lot angrier."
     This anthology illustrates the many faces of the fear of the unknown from H. P. Lovecraft's Supernatural Horror In Literature as you can read this on If you are trying to lump Pacione's publications with Judy Blume; you really haven't been paying attention. Pacione on epinions speaks of how he saw Mario Bava's Black Sabbath when he was 20 years old. How this found it's way into writing Passenger. Then on a recent blog speaking of Legend Keeper he speaks of Frank Colin the self-hating Anti-Semite who dressed up as a Nazi and paraded around Skokie, Illinois. He had compared what his rival author (who wrote Chaos) did with her infamous comment to what Colin did. He tried to warn Rockaway Township they can't handle that kind of controversy as Pacione visited the vicinity claimed to be Frank's warpath. Pacione called Colin "a child-raping faggot" in the preface of Legend Keeper. Gary Starta and Pacione were talking of this; the tone made Passenger even darker in the way it plays out. It's noted for immortalizing Pantera in a very unique era, and for the Pantera fans this will be a hard one to read for them.

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