Dark Journey
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Dark Journey

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Dark Journey

A beautiful blonde American girl arrives in London to find herself stranded by the band she was meant to go on tour with. She soon realizes that there is a demonic force in the flat she has recently moved into and that her seedy landlord is very strange. She befriends local people from the area, but doesn't know who to trust. Tormented in her new flat by voices which she has no control over, she ends up changing from a sweet naïve girl to a sexy vamp with attitude in order to survive in the remorseless city which is 21st century London.

Dark Journey is best described as a realist fantasy
The film at times steers towards the territory of Don't Look Now and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which is when it really sparkles.....
Kelly is both charming and ignorant, and desperately clings to her sense of self in a world she doesn't fully comprehend...
The loss of identity is a powerful fear, and the most effective horror in the film....
Paranoia and self-loathing take hold of the innocent American girl, so far out of her comfort zone....
Dark Journey is a lot more tense and effective in a horror sense....
The character of David is particularly intriguing, because he is so mysterious; it's impossible to work out whether he is genuinely interested in making Kelly a fashion model, or whether he's just a slimy villain....

The film is well structured and contains many beautifully filmed scenes. Kelly earned my sympathy and remained believable to the end.

Tiffany Mulheron

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Dark Journey
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