Haunted Iowa
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Haunted Iowa

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Haunted Iowa

In this full length documentary, Calhoun County Paranormal Investigators take a journey to visit, document, and show the world some of the most haunted locations the state of Iowa has to offer. Follow CCPI as they investigate an old opera house, venture into a 90 year-old school, full of mystery and secrets, and a little white house, where one of America's most infamous unsolved murders took place. Full of suspense, shocking evidence of the paranormal, and much more. Haunted Iowa is a film paranormal enthusiasts are not going to want to miss!

"A group of ambitious and courageous paranormal investigators go to some of the most eerie places in the state of Iowa. The material they are able to capture on camera and the situations they get themselves in are enough to send chills up the strongest spines. It gave my goosebumps more goosebumps. Well done is an understatement. I will impatiently await Haunted Iowa 2."

"Haunted Iowa is better than any paranormal television show on TV. You guys have so much heart and dedication and the activity you document is incredible! I had chills the entire time watching it. I am wanting more!"

"Haunted Iowa one of the best films I've seen in a long time.. Amazing!"

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