Perdie Across America - Chapter 1
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Perdie Across America - Chapter 1

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Perdie Across America - Chapter 1

Perdie Across America is the story of one 23 year old man's walk across the United States of America to "bring awareness to the dangers of massive government growth and spending, by both the previous and current administrations."

Watch the first 4 episodes of Perdie's live action documentary as he faces many challenges, including dehydration, loneliness, and bridges without walkways. On his journey Perdie addresses many political and cultural topics that concern him, including the necessity for virtue in a constitutional republic, the importance of integrity to principles, the consequences of extreme government control, and friendship based on principles.

The purpose of this series is to "provoke questioning of the dangers of massive government expansion, while acknowledging the principles and virtuous behavior that is necessary for the survival of a free Constitutional Republic." Perdie believes that for as long as the American people apathetically accept tyranny, things such as poverty, oppression, and the compression of individual will shall always be a reality in the United States.

Can Perdie stop this accelerating tyrannical government expansion before it completely destroys the economic stability, and liberty of the American people?

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