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Classroom Fitness Dance

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Classroom Fitness

Classroom Fitness Dance

Join J Lyn Thomas in these four ten-minute dance videos. Dancing teaches children coordination, agility and how to memorize and repeat complex steps. Vocabulary words are written on screen to help children learn new words.

Bonus features include two additional ten-minute videos, one from Classroom Fitness Yoga and one from Classroom Fitness Cross-Training. Children will learn sun salutations, tree pose, eagle pose, cow-faced pose, lotus pose, etc, in the yoga video and the cross-training video will teach the proper technique of classic exercises moves like push-ups, jumping jacks, squats and lunges.

You can take a sneak peek of this DVD on YouTube at:

Classroom Fitness, or C-Fit for short engages children with lively graphics and original music. Created by teachers for children in the classroom, this fitness program works in the living room too!

Exercise is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your mind, body and spirit in good health. It's especially important for children to start this healthy habit as early as possible. Healthy children grow up to become healthy adults.

These videos will teach children how to move their bodies in new ways as their muscles stretch and strengthen. It's the perfect addition to any educational or child-care program.

Unfortunately, children have less time for physical activity and more sedentary time than ever before. In addition to sixty minutes a day of sustained activity, children need physical activity breaks for ten minutes throughout the day to reverse the effects of being stationary for excessive amounts of time.

Not all children are athletic or enjoy competition, but all children have the need for regular physical activity. C-Fit will teach them tools that they can use for a lifetime of fitness.

To learn more about C-Fit, check out our website at If you'd like to join the community, we'd love for you to get involved with our social networks! You can stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Why Should Kids Dance?
Dance is an art form that can convey an emotion, tell a story, entertain, and help us keep fit and stay healthy. Dancing is creative, passionate and very expressive. There are many types of dance and in these videos we focus on three of them: Latin, Hip-Hop and West African dances.

Dancing is a social activity. Studies have shown that strong social ties contribute to high self-esteem and a positive outlook. Friends help us grow, make us laugh and support us as we learn and dancing provides the opportunities to do just that.

Dancing requires coordination, agility and the ability to memorize and repeat complex steps. Dance to the beat as you move your body in dynamic ways in different directions, high and low. Let the rhythm get you!

Body and Soul
People all over the world love to dance. Interacting with different cultures improves your health by expanding your mind and sharing your spirit. Dancing strengthens and stretches your muscles as you learn to move it in creative, new ways.

About J Lyn Thomas
J Lyn received a BA in Dance from the University of Colorado. She has taught extensively in Colorado and New York in dance schools and companies, as well as in public schools, charter schools and not-for-profit organizations. She is trained in and teaches a vast range of dance styles, but specializes in hip hop, breaking, locking and West African dance. Her extensive performance resume includes appearances in television, commercials, music videos, stage and film.

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