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Dead of Night (Special Edition)

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Dead of Night (Special Edition)

DEAD OF NIGHT is a film noir psychological thriller bringing both a classic and modern quality to the genre. DEAD OF NIGHT delves deep into the psychology of a killer and the man who must hunt him. The city of Chicago is the stage for an intensely dangerous encounter between a man meant to uphold law and justice, and a man who exists distantly outside of society's perceptions. Two chilling predators who stalk under the cover of night. This Special Edition DVD features an enhanced presentation of the original black & white version as well as the brand new exclusive color version with an array of new bonus features.

For three years, F.B.I. Criminal Profiler Cyrus Vendelin (Stevan Vujic) has been on the trail of a serial killer obsessed with identity, and the destruction thereof. The path Vendelin has journeyed through is a dangerous one, filled with nightmares and fear. Ignoring the reason and rationale of his most trusted friends and colleagues, he has pursued one violent criminal after another, leading to convictions for most of them, but each leaves him further and further away from who he once was.

Leonard Marshall Eccleston (J. Preston Taub) abducts his methodically selected victims, and proceeds to free them of their fabricated lives and identities. In his twisted mind, their deaths signal their rebirth into new ones. He strips away everything that ever defined them as an individual in a ritual that spans weeks, possibly months in certain cases. He sees the false personalities we all put on in every day life, and views them as betrayals to who we are meant to be. Eccleston is now stalking the beautiful young Jennifer Watson (Laura Wettingfeld) who is merely out for a night with her friends at a local club, but a terror awaits her that she knows nothing about. However, unknown to Eccleston, there is someone hunting him through the shadows of the night, tracking his every step and every thought.

As a criminal profiler, Cyrus Vendelin must project himself into the mind of a psychopath. In order to catch a killer, he must think like him, see like him, feel like him, act like him. He alters his own personality to nearly become that which he hunts. Although, where Vendelin ends, and Eccleston begins is a dark, shadowy place that none dare perceive, and none have been able to return from. Who will become lost within the darkness of their own mind? Will Vendelin be able to bring an end to Eccleston's madness before he claims another victim? Over the course of this night, one will see exactly what he has become, and discover his true identity. Amidst all of this, F.B.I. Special Agent Christopher Mannix (Charlie S. Jensen) heads up a bureau task force to hunt down the night's darkest, most dangerous killer before any more lives are lost. Enter the darkness of the mind.

Stevan Vujic, J. Preston Taub, Laura Wettingfeld, Charlie S. Jensen, Joanna Krupa, Matthew Mages

Film Festivals:
Firestarter Films #7, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, January 15, 2010

Title #341394
Format: DVD-R