Lost Airmen of Buchenwald (PAL New Zealand Edition)

Lost Airmen of Buchenwald (PAL New Zealand Edition)

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Lost Airmen of Buchenwald (PAL New Zealand Edition)

LOST AIRMEN OF BUCHENWALD chronicles the little-known story of Allied airmen imprisoned at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp in the waning months of World War II, featuring New Zealand war hero Phil Lamason.

In the summer of 1944, 168 airmen from the US, England, Canada and other Allied countries were captured in Paris by the German Gestapo and sent to the infamous "Koncentration Lager Buchenwald" in Germany. Falsely accused of being "terrorists and saboteurs," the airmen faced a terrifying fight for survival and a race against time to escape their execution.

A controversial moment in history that their home countries tried to hush-up, Lost Airmen of Buchenwald tells this harrowing story through interviews with seven surviving members of the group, including their heroic commanding officer, Kiwi Phil Lamason. The film follows them from their days hiding with the French Resistance to the darkest corners of the Holocaust, where they struggled to survive as Germany collapsed under the weight of the advancing Russian and Allied armies.

This is the version as see on television in New Zealand. The DVD is a PAL Region 4 disk for viewing on DVD players in New Zealand and Australia. The DVD also contains the short special features "An Airman's Last Mission" and "An Airman Returns to Buchenwald."

Televised Broadcasts:
Prime TV - New Zealand
Military Channel - US
ZDF - Germany

"Best Feature Documentary" - GI Film Festival
"Spirit of Independents" - Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

Film Festivals:
St. Louis International Film Festival
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
GI Film Festival
Temecula Valley International Film Festival
St. Augustine Film Festival
Seattle's True Independent Film Festival
Ellensberg Film Festival
The International Historical and Military Films Festival - Warsaw, Poland

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