All-Chakra Tantra

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Dr. Lessin, trained with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, Irv Katz, Stanislav Grof, Roger Woolger, Jack Annon, David Quigley, M. J. Smith, William Baldwin, George Brown and Shelley Stockwell as well as Gary and Mirka Kraftsow, Charles and Caroline Muir, Melanie Sears, Will Griffis, Terence McKenna and many others.

Dr. Lessin has taught Sex Education in the University of Hawaii School of Medicine and Leeward Community College and the Professional School for Psychological Studies as well as Tantra at Maui Community College, Loving More East and West, World Polyamory Association conferences and at the School of Tantra on Maui. He was Director of Counseling at the Waikiki Drug Center and has been a relationship counselor, spiritual journeywork guide and tantra teacher for over forty years, leading workshops at Celebrations of Love and the School of Counseling.

In 1997 at the Loving More Conferences Dr. Lessin and Janet Kira met and fell in love.

Janet, spiritual, psychic, highly intuitive, immersed herself in consciousness growth by reading extensively, meditating and attending numerous workshops, study groups, conferences and seminars over the course of her lifetime.

After meeting Sasha she became focused on studying the fields of tantra and polyamory. In 2006 she published her first book, "Polyamory: Many Loves: The Poly-Tantric Lovestyle: A Personal Account" based on those years of study.

Sasha and Janet married in 1997 and he tutored her extensively in tantra, in the course of which she worked through her own sexual traumas and learned how to teach tantra to others to reprogram trauma.

She joined Sasha in Drs. Hal and Sidra Stones' advanced Voice Dialogue facilitators' groups, where she learned how to teach people to center themselves and integrate the defensive subselves they developed to deal with sexual trauma and other environmental stresses. She systematically worked through the five levels of Tantra Certification in the School of Tantra, and has attained the status of Professor of Tantric Studies.

Together they run the School of Tantra ( and the Temple of Tantra ( in Maui, Hawaii and Phoenix, Arizona. They also run the Annual World Polyamory Association Conference (

All-Chakra Tantra is the first of a series of books co-authored by the Lessins which will be released over the next few years.

All-Chakra Tantra

Synergized Sacred & Psychological Exercises for Inner Children, Voluptuaries, Heros, Romantics, Visionaries and Sages

Authored by Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin Ph.D., Janet Kira Lessin

All-Chakra Tantra denotes weaving, coordinating and orchestrating your sexuality with the other six-sevenths of tantra. Tantra teaches you to recognize, accept, coordinate and integrate emotions, empowerment, love, communication, wisdom and spirituality within you and between you and your sexual partners. With tantra, you weave your inner voices through seven categories, called chakras and analyze how your inner voices affect the inner voices of those you love.

In this book, we guide you to associate your chakras with vulnerability, sex, power, love, communication, vision and spirituality; associate vulnerability, sex, power, love, talk and ecstatic transcendence with your Inner Child, Sexual Celebrant, Hero, Lover, Knower, Transcender. Associate vulnerability, sex, power, love, communication, vision and spirituality with your perineum, genitals, diaphragm, heart, throat, brow, and crown. You center yourself successively among the voices at each chakra. At a given chakra, you hear inputs from voices relevant to that chakra, voices with radically different perspectives. You job: coordinate these voices so they all get their needs met. You recognize, accept and coordinate the voices at each chakra within you and between you and your lovers.

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