Meaningful Money

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About the author:
John F. Ince is an author, social entrepreneur, journalist, blogger, podcaster, video producer, photographer and documentary filmmaker.   In 2004 he produced the documentary Time Bomb: America's Debt Crises, Causes Consequences and Solutions which has been shown on national television five times. He is founder / CEO of I-INSPIRE: Inclusive Network to Stimulate Participation and Involvement in a Revitalized Economy. He previously worked as a reporter for Fortune Magazine, as a contributing editor with Upside Magazine and as a casewriter at Harvard Business School and Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Before that he worked for Sea Pines Company and on Wall Street with Chase Manhattan Bank. He served as an aide to former Senator Paul Tsongas organizing a U.S. Senate caucus for solar energy. He has founded two non profits, One World Inc. and The Earth Aid Foundation. He is the author of The Earth Pledge and organized the Earth Pledge Campaign in conjunction with the 25th anniversary celebration of Earth Day. He is an honors graduate of Harvard College where he was First Marshal (President) of his graduating class. He received his MBA from Harvard Business School in Finance. In addition to this book, he has written two companion books: I-INSPIRE: We Have the Power to Revitalize Our Economy and The Wiz of Iz: A Powerful Parable.

Meaningful Money

Innovation at the Intersection of Money, Meaning and Markets

Authored by John F Ince

Money is the most powerful tool ever created by humans. With nothing more than digital accounting entries, almost 10 trillion dollars have been created out of thin air by banks. As a human construct, money ultimately doubles back upon itself and stares itself in the face, like an infinitely reflecting mirror of trust. Upon this illusion of value, the entire edifice we call the global economy has been built. It's an infinitely leveraged system built upon a fragile foundation of debt based capital flows that circulate as the lifeblood of our economy. All this money and debt has its source somewhere within the temple-like structure of the Fed and our monolithic banking centers. The way money is created defines how economic power is distributed in society. Why do Wall Street bankers receive bailouts and fat green bonuses, while Main Street workers receive foreclosure notices and thin pink slips? The answer is that our current money and banking system concentrates economic power in the hands of a few private, profit-making institutions we call commercial banks. Their self interest trumps the interests and needs of the rest of society. There is a better way. Few of us consider the possibility that we can build a decentralized and democratized money and banking system from the bottom up. We don't have to accept an imbalanced, unstable and inequitable money and banking system. We don't have to accept financial crises and rising public and private debts that threaten our future. This issue goes to the heart of the American character and democracy. Our recent financial crises is a clear sign that we operating with a flawed system, so we need a systemic solution. There is a world of possibility awaiting us in the midst of our economic crisis. The key to unlock this hidden potential is a new way of thinking about money that grows out of the powerful innovation taking place today at the intersection of money, meaning and markets.

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